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LianMeng enterprise is a professional manufacturer in the field of knitting and garments located in Zhongpian industrial area in Dongshi Town of JinJiang City. LianMeng owns a 50 hectares of land built with a 100,000 square meters of standard factory buildings. The enterprise has set its own knitting factory, printing factory, embroidery factory and ready-made garments factory with the total of 1200 workers.

Aside from having the latest machines & equipments, LianMeng have ISO 9001, ISO14001 and BSCI certified systems in place. The enterprise follows a systematic way of management by focusing on training each staff to follow each step of production. Its QC department is comprised of experienced staff who have undergone special QC training. It also performs tight production controls at each stage - from materials and components, to pre-and post-packaging stages - to ensure the highest quality standards.

Through the 20+ years of fast progress, LianMeng have gained a very good reputation both in China and abroad. Products have been exported to Europe, America, Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and other nations of the world.

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